Steven Rudin creates hand-cut paper collages that celebrate subjective reality with an emphasis on optimism and nostalgia. Visually, he explores the optics of depth, producing an image that is somewhere between a painting and a photograph.  His inspiration comes from the fusion of portraiture, textiles, architecture, and gardens from multiple eras and different cultures. 

A playful conversation between high art, design, and psychology, his multifaceted scenes are immersive experiences filled with moments of discovery.  Sweeping vantage points provide the feeling of being transported into the tableaux. Flowing compositions are symbolic of the continuum between reality and imagination, between memories and dreams.

Rudin spent nearly twenty years as a psychiatrist and teacher at Columbia University before committing to art full time. His vibrant collages are a metaphor for memory and identity. Derived from his diverse experience, his philosophy about the Psychology of Collage explores how the mind consolidates memories from fragments into layers in a way that is continuously changing and highly influenced by feeling. Through exhibitions, artist talks, and hands-on workshops, he uses art as a tool to illustrate concepts that need to be felt to be understood.


Born in 1972, Steven Rudin is a visual artist and psychiatrist based in New York City. His nearly realistic collage scenes are a reflection of his experience in multiple disciplines including art, linguistics, medicine, and psychiatry. Rudin holds degrees from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Rudin’s philosophy, The Psychology of Collage, is a hybrid of visual art and education about emotional resilience. His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Miami. 



Instagram: @stevenrudinart